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As you may have noticed these days, frameless glass pool fencing Newcastle has recently surpassed semi-frameless glass pool fencing as the most popular form of glass pool fencing not only in New South Wales, but all of Australia.

Frameless glass pool fences Newcastle are very popular and are generally just as affordable, often only just a little bit more for superior style. If you are interested in frameless pool fencing Newcastle, we will be able to deliver the exact type of pool fencing you would like.

Frameless glass Newcastle means that at least 3 of the 4 sides of each glass panel have no surrounding material (aluminium or stainless steel). You can be sure that all of our frameless pool fencing Newcastle is constructed from toughened “Grade A Safety" glas in various lengths. Of course, all glass edges are well-polished and we are happy to supply special-sized panels when necessary.

We have always preferred frameless glass pool fencing Newcastle and seen it as being more desirable, due to its unique nearly invisible, floating appearance. While frameless glass pool fencing Newcastle used to be relatively expensive, we are happy to see its pricing having reduced over time to the point of being very competitive with semi-frameless glass pool fencing.

By law, each and every pool fence in Australia requires a safety barrier and we feel that frameless glass pool fencing Newcastle is certainly the best available option, as this provides the safety required while bringing a stylish and sleek modern look to your property. We like to combine the utilitarian and safety requirements of a pool fence while ensuring its something that will add value to your property and put a smile on your face every time you see it.

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